Harper College Articulation Agreements

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Harper College is a community college located in Palatine, Illinois. One of the many benefits of attending Harper College is the opportunity for students to transfer to four-year universities through articulation agreements.

Articulation agreements are partnerships between educational institutions that allow for a smooth transfer of credits from one school to another. These agreements ensure that students who have completed coursework at Harper College will receive credit at the institution they are transferring to.

Harper College has articulation agreements with numerous four-year universities in Illinois and beyond. These agreements span a variety of majors, including nursing, business, education, engineering, and more. Some of the partnering institutions include DePaul University, Northern Illinois University, Illinois State University, and Loyola University.

Through these agreements, students can save time and money by starting their education at Harper College and then transferring to a university to complete their bachelor`s degree. Additionally, students can feel confident that the courses they take at Harper College will adequately prepare them for the rigors of a four-year university.

To take advantage of these articulation agreements, students at Harper College should meet with an academic advisor to discuss their transfer options. Advisors can help students select courses that will transfer and ensure they meet the requirements for the intended transfer institution.

In conclusion, Harper College`s articulation agreements provide an excellent opportunity for students to start their college careers at a community college and then transfer to a four-year university. These agreements make transferring seamless, so students can focus on achieving their academic goals. By partnering with numerous universities, Harper College offers students a wide range of transfer options, giving them the flexibility to pursue their dream career paths.