Meet our team

Mariusz has been trained to be a lawyer, a sociologist and a mediator. He obtained his master degree at the University of Gdańsk. 

As a reformer and change strategist by vocation, he is committed to supporting the development of medical tourism in Poland. He is a co-creator of the  and the Institute, because nowadays it is only through cooperation and teamwork that substantial progress can be made.

Professionally he is involved in business activities related to medical tourism and has been acquiring patients from abroad within the framework of the Blue Progress agency for 2 years. The company is currently operating on the Russian, German and Swedish markets, by conducting research and providing counselling services on the creation and development of healthy interpersonal partnership. Blue Progress pozyskuje pacjentów z zagranicy. Obecnie firma działa na rynkach: rosyjskim oraz niemieckim.

W wolnych chwilach oddaje się fizyce kwantowej, planszowym grom strategicznym,  badaniu świadomości i innej przyjemności. 

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