of Research and Development
of Medical Tourism
of Research and Development
of Medical Tourism


We gather informations about medical tourism available in scientific elaborations, books, articles, data obtained from clinic from Poland and the rest of the world.


We share with our medical tourism knowledge on conferences and workshops holds in Europe.


We do public and privet reports about medical tourism subjects.

Why have we founded the Institute?

Medical tourism Medical tourism is defined as travel outside one's home place (mainly outside one’s home country) in search of healthcare services along with a medical package offered in a given destination. If managed properly, it offers a development opportunity not only for the entities directly involved in the provision of services to health-seeking tourists, but for the whole region as well. This contributes to the development of tourism and a positive image of a given place as an attractive locality for investors, residents and tourists alike.

The purpose of the Institute for Medical Tourism Research and Development is to integrate the medical tourism environment as well as gain and disseminate sound knowledge oriented towards practical solutions in this field.

We are a institution established out of its founders’ conviction that a common goal can help us achieve more and better results.

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